Propolis and Lead

by Brigadoon

Bees will NOT gather anything that is not Mother Nature Approved!

If you look at all of the Pestisides that are sprayed on plants, trees, field crops, etc, etc you will see that our little buddies the bees say “No Thanks” when they are “hunting & gathering” Mother Natures bounty. (God & the bees got it right)

Know that when you take the beehive products from a quality company that “truly tests products for not just quality, but making sure that what is on the label is in the jar before they are sold & cares” not just some vendor that stock piles products

Then you know that you are getting a whole lot of Mother Nature and a little bit of Bee Magic in every amount no matter if it is on the skin or inside

We are quite a bit like the bees in that If our Cells don’t know what to do with it they say No Thanks

Thanks Angela for giving us the great quality and most of all thanks for caring.

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