Nutrient levels in bee pollen?

by Darren

Great site. I already have bee pollen and raw honey but wish to try yours in the future as a friend of mine buys from your online store and raves about it's quality.

I had a question I can't seem to find anywhere. Do you know approximately how many mg of each compound is contained in bee pollen granules per tsp, tbsp, or other standard measurement? I'm curious as to how much it contains as I'm trying to balance out my body and have gotten my girlfriend to start taking pollen as well, unfortunately she hates the taste :)

Thanks again for the great info on your site.

Hi Darren,
Great question. Because the nutrient levels of pollen vary from batch to batch and season to season, we wouldn't know the exact levels of each nutrient in our bee pollen. We could of course have each batch tested, but this would be quite cost prohibitive and would send the price of our bee pollen way up!

Bee healthy,

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Dec 23, 2011
Thank you
by: Darren

Fair enough. When i purchase some I'll send it off to get tested when i have the cash. Even if it changes it would be good to see what the levels are.

Thanks and have a nice holiday.

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