Mixing fresh royal jelly with honey?

by Bisan
(Saudi Arabia)

I have some egyptian royal jelly,the man who sold me the royal jelly told me to mix it with 1 kilo of honey,is this the best way??

how long should I waite after take the royal jelly,is it ok to eat after a minute?

Angela's Response:

Yes, that is a very good way to consume royal jelly as it has a very strong taste and this will help make it more palatable. No need to wait after taking royal jelly. You can eat right away.

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Jun 03, 2013
1 more question
by: abdulaziz

if i mix it , how long time i can store it ?

and where should i store it?

You can store it at room temperature but you might be wise to keep it in the refrigerator.

It will likely last for several months.


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