Making ACV w/ emergen-C & Bpollen

by Ruby
(Phoenix AZ)

Is it ok to mix Braggs Apple Cidar Vinegar w/ B pollen granules or royal jelly?

Angela's Comments:

I don't see any reason why you couldn't Ruby. Let us know how it tastes!

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May 11, 2016
Bee Pollen and Vinegar...
by: Vicki

What are you intending to heal or utilize with bee pollen and vinegar?

I have many fairly complex bee fermentations, the latest of which I am testing now based upon the "Swedish Bee Pollen" study and its impact on men's prostate health. However, they deliver the pollen in supplement capsules as powder. Mine is a LIVING SUPPLEMENT, not manufactured in some "facility" in China!

It's a very powerful "appearing" ferment. I believe that you can determine the power of the healing remedy's effect by looking at the colors of the end product. I haven't tested it yet, but from the looks of it I think it will be a real healer because the power of the bees is simply amazing.

For this particular product I use First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut oil. Of course the remaining ingredients are proprietary. I'll teach any men who get this message to make it and test it themselves if they will sign a non-compete/non-disclosure agreement.

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