Maca honey?


I just discovered your site and I love it! But I have a question concerning Maca. The article dealing with Maca gives a link a the end which is supposed to bring us to one of your products, namely a honey maca combo. But I can't find it on your site. Can you just tell me where it is, as I would like to purchase it.
Also, another question: where does your honey come from? I read that you ship your products from Toronto. Is your farm situated in the vicinity of Toronto?
Thanks in advance for your time, and best regards,

Ivanka Bubic

Hi Ivanka,
The maca honey product was discontinued by Dutchman's Gold so it is no longer available.

And yes, Dutchman's Gold is located about 45 minutes outside of Toronto. We have 1500 hives in Carlisle so the honey is all locally produced.

Bee healthy,

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