Local Bee Pollen or not?

by Darrin
(Cypress, TX)

I am a little confused about your write-up regarding Bee Pollen. In the article you indicate you should purchase Pollen from your same continent...Wow! That is a very large area indeed being from North America. Why have numerous sites reported that 'local' bee pollen (to the purchaser); same state or better same county is better for you if it is not the case? Purchasing honey over the years, to me is common knowledge to buy local. Why is bee pollen different. Thank you.

Hi Darrin,
When it comes to bee pollen use for pollen based allergies, absolutely - local pollen is best. The reality is that most people can't get truly local bee pollen. Many bee keepers claim to sell local bee pollen but it is very often bee pollen sourced from large scale pollen producers and then bottled by the "local" beekeeper and sold as 'local' pollen when in fact it is not.

Many people use bee pollen for allergies. Local pollen is only needed if it is pollen allergies that you are treating. Other allergies can be helped by bee pollen's immune modulating properties.

The other thing to consider is that I recommend North American sourced bee pollen because there is a great deal of low quality, off-shore pollen sold in North America.

Hope that helps,

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