Is Your Bee Pollen Raw? How do I store my bee pollen?

by Rabih S.

I have a few question that i hope you'd answer: I was wondering if the Bee Pollen that you offer is Raw or undergoes any processing? What is the storage method for Royal Jelly Concentrate Powder and that of Bee Pollen? Do I have to store them in a Fridge, a Freezer or a Cool Dry Place (and what qualifies as a cool dry place in this case?)

Hello Rabih,
Yes, our bee pollen is raw. The only processing it undergoes is freeze drying upon collection and removal of any undesirable materials that have made their way into the hive such as bee parts and vegetation.

We recommend that you keep your royal jelly and bee pollen in the fridge, or even better, in the freezer for maximum freshness.

Bee Healthy ~ Angela

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