Is the so ho mish cream suppose to sting?

I've been using the So Ho Mish cream for a few days now and i have noticed that every time I apply the cream on my face it stings. At first it just felt tingly but now when i put it one after I've washed my face it stings for about 20-30 seconds.

Is this normal? when I apply it on my body it doesn't hurt.
Is my face just dry or more sensitive? should I stop using or does my face just need to get used to the cream?

Angela's Comments:

The So Ho Mish is not supposed to sting, but it can on very sensitive skin and we have had this feedback before. I think this is the case for you, otherwise it would sting when you apply it to other parts of your body.

Are you seeing any redness or signs of allergic reaction? If so, discontinue use of the cream.


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