Is taking bee pollen (especially zxt) a safe way to improve weight loss

by Kristen
(St. Clairsville Oh)

I've been researching bee pollen a lot lately. I'm kind of interested in trying it but I'm also very skeptical. I'm worried that it is too good to be true and may be dangerous to lose weight that quickly. And if I stop taking it, will I gain all the weight back? I'm very confused on the whole thing.

Hi Kristen,
ZXT is not a bee pollen product. It has bee pollen in it, but is has several other ingredients including a diuretic and a laxative/fiber ingredient. I would recommend you read some of the side effect reports that have been posted in our forums regarding this product. People have and do lose weight using it but I can't, as a nutritionist recommend that it is safe based on the feedback I get.

To use bee pollen to lose weight, I recommend using pure granules before meals. 1 tablespoon 15 minutes before each meal works.

I also recommend using a scientifically proven fat loss product called CLA Plus in the morning. This combination works very well and is SAFE.

Hope that helps,

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