Is royal jelly beneficial to humans

by steve
(Brisbane australia)

Wikepedia has stated that the USA drug administration has indicated that there is no evidence that royal jelly is or has any benefits at all, how does one believe this that you claim it does?

Please explain?

Angela's comments:

Every single study and article we publish is based on peer review research published in a valid research journal. We have the sources for all of our content. Other national health bodies such as Health Canada have a different opinion of royal jelly and their scientists allow and support all nutritional supplement companies in Canada to make health claims on royal jelly, provided their are studies to validate. Also keep in mind that the FDA is notoriously behind the times when it comes to keeping up with accurate health information. For example, they still recommend taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol, which is laughably incorrect as numerous studies have shown that they offer no benefit in preventing heart attacks or death.

Hope that gives you some perspective...


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