Is it really raw honey?

by Isaac
(Chicago, Illinois)

I purchase clover honey under the "Some Honey" brand at my local health food store. This brand is also sold at Whole Foods here in Chicago. The bottle states it's "raw, natural, unadulterated" honey. However, it is light brown and liquid in comparison to other brands such as Stakich, Really Raw, Y.S. Farms, etc. which are milky, light golden and almost solid. "Some Honey" lists an address on their bottle in Camp Douglas Wisconsin. However, there is no information concerning them on the web and they have no phone number. A 5 lb. bottle is $16 and a bargain compared to $25 and up for Stakich and other brands. However, I want to make sure this truly is unfiltered, unheated raw honey. Have you ever heard of this company or it's products?

Angela's Comments:

Hi Isaac,
There are some things to be suspicious here for sure. Really raw honey solidifies quite quickly and is, like you said, usually a milky color due to the natural beeswax in it. Also, the fact that it is substantially cheaper raises a red flag for me. That seems too cheap for me...

And lastly, as you pointed out, the fact that there is no information about them available is really suspicious to me. I would avoid it and stick with the quality brands that have nothing to hide.

Bee healthy,

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