immunity to bee pollen

by theora
(north carolina)

My first month on the bee pollen capsules I lost 8 lbs. After the first month, I took 2 weeks off and then started another bottle. I have not achieved any weight loss with bottles 2 and 3. Did I interrupt the process by taking those two weeks off? Would you recommend that I switch to the granules?

Angela's Response:

Hi Theora,
Which bee pollen product did you use?


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Mar 29, 2011
by: Theora

zi-xiu tang capsules

Angela's Comments:

Yes, we often see this with that brand as the weight loss is initially a laxative effect. There are many ingredients in this product, bee pollen only being one of them. So it is misleading to call their product a bee pollen product. The initial weight loss was likely from the laxative effect of the product and the body quickly develops a tolerance to the herbs. We do get good feedback on the product from some people though. So it might be worth taking a break for a month or so and then trying again.

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