I have moved to a new state, is my bee pollen still good?

by Lori
(Walnut Creek, CA. US)

My husband and made a big move this year. I kept my bee pollen cooled in an ice chest all the way across the country. But I am wondering about the statement:

"You should ingest the bee pollen from your specific geological area".

I live on the opposite side of the U.S. now, from Ohio to California. Should I purchase new pollen from local Northern CA bees?

I am still using my Ohio pollen, and still I am grateful for the positive health benefits.

Thanks Lori

Hi Lori,
Your Ohio pollen will still deliver many health benefits to you. Where you may want to consider using a California sourced pollen would be if you are using it for allergies to airborne pollens specific to the area you are living in. If this is not an issue, your Ohio pollen is fine!

Bee healthy,

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