How to take raw propolis chunks

by Sheila K.

Hi and glad I found your forum:

I have recently become interested in honey and propolis and I would like to try the propolis for things such as sore throat, colds, etc. I don't get them a lot but when I do, they are doozies. My throat can get so raw I can barely swallow.

So, I have the raw chunks.

Do I chew them?
Freeze then make a power to perhaps put in tea?
Put a raw chunk in a liquid and squirt directly in the throat? If so, what kind of liquid- water? juice?

Any info appreciated.


Angela's Response:

Hi Sheila. Great questions. You can chew propolis chunks but the problem some people encounter is that raw propolis, with it being so dark in color, can stain the teeth over time. So I recommend you either swallow the chunks whole like a pill or blend them into a smoothie or shake. I do this almost daily with my morning protein smoothie.

We will soon have a propolis powder to offer which is easier to take. You could also try a propolis tincture or capsules which makes consuming propolis much easier as well with no worries about staining teeth.

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Oct 23, 2016
Raw propolis chunk nightmare NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a piece today of raw propolis chunk in my freezer. I want to use it to mix in potions for hair growth purposes. I read an article about how to grind it into a powder bey using a coffee grinder in order to make formulations with it but the grinder I have is a simple model and it leaves small chunks that when I combine it to make a concoction for my hair those darned sticky chunks get stuck in my hair and are difficult to remove without wrecking my deliciate tresses. Neither fun nor cute. Is there a way I might liquify this unquestionable bee glue/caulk????? Thanks!

Dec 19, 2012
Stored Propolis for one year
by: Anonymous

I have had a tub of propolis stored since last summer it is solidified, will it still contain the benefits or does it loose its goodness over time?


Hi Debbie,
It depends how it was stored. Was it kept in the refrigerator or freezer?


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