How to take frozen royal jelly?

by Riyaz

How do you eat frozen. Don't you have chip a block of the frozen jelly and then unfreeze it then it.

Any advise of how to go about?

Angela's Comments:

I recommend that once you are prepared to consume your fresh royal jelly, you should put it in your fridge where it is able to thaw but remain cool. Once thawed, it is much easier to 'spoon' out your serving for the day. If you keep your fresh royal jelly frozen, it can be quite difficult to 'chip' pieces of it off.

Fresh royal jelly is quite bitter and has a strong taste so I suggest you mix it in some honey or jam or into a smoothie. I like mixing it with our Pure, Raw Honey or into my morning protein smoothie, which is an amazing way to start the day. I mix Sunwarrior protein, my favorite berries, a greens powder like Amazing Grasses and an essential fatty acid blend and then add my raw bee pollen and royal jelly. I feel great all day!

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