How long is propolis good for?

by Holly R.


Thanks for writing back. I have a bottle of propolis capsules, with "Best By 4/2010" date. Not "Use by" but "Best By"...

It's NOW brand, if that makes any difference.

A side question, if I may-- this has always had a very strong smell, so strong, well, that's why I still have it! Is a strong smell customary to propolis?

Thank you so much,

Hi Holly,
It depends. A raw propolis will exire but a tincture in an alcohol base will last much longer. Which do you have?


Yes, a strong smell is customary to propolis. It is likely still good to use, it will just be less potent. It won't go bad or rotten, just lose some of its therapeutic activity.


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Contact Me: How long is propolis "good"? Does it ever go bad, or is it good for many years of long term storage?

Thank you!

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