How long can I take bee pollen for? Should I take a break?

by Alfons V.

I have a question to ask you. For how long can someone take bee pollen? Should you stop after a while to give your body a rest?

Thank you,
Sincerely, Alfons

Angela's Response:

There have been no studies done on the optimal length of time to consume bee pollen that I am aware of. I personally believe it is a good idea to take a break from any supplement/food that you are consuming on a regular basis. Just as you wouldn't consume the same foods (and bee pollen is a food) every single day, I feel that you probably shouldn't consume bee pollen every single day without a short break. I regularly take a week or 10 days off of consuming bee pollen every couple of months. I also know of bee pollen users who take it for five days and then take 2 days off. I also know of many people who take bee pollen for months at a time without taking a break from it and don't experience any negative side effects. So ultimately, it is up to you and what you feel is best.

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