How can I safely assess if I'm allergic to royal jelly?

by Bettina

Hi, I would like to take Royal Jelly but because I have restricted airways (from recurrent infections), I want to be sure that I wouldn't get any of the (serious) side effects.

I have always eaten honey and also Manuka honey, without trouble. Does that mean I can assume I have no allergic reactions to bee products including Royal Jelly or is Royal Jelly a different thing altogether in terms of allergies from ordinary (raw) honey?

What would be the best way to assess whether I can take it?


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Dec 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

I would like to know if it is wise to take Royal Jelly together with Vit B12 (1000mg).?

Thank you,

p.s. sorry, but I could not find anyother way to ask this question. My name is Sandra. (the Netherlands)
my mail is

Oct 16, 2014
How to safely assess if I'm allergic to royal jelly
by: Angela

Hi Bettina,
It is unlikely that you're allergic to royal jelly but you should still take caution, especially since you have restricted airways. The way to safely introduce royal jelly into your system is to begin by taking very tiny amounts daily. Observe for any reaction. If there is none, increase by a very tiny amount the following day. Continue to do this (increasing in tiny increments) until you reach your desired or recommended daily dose.

Hope that helps,

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