Honey Heals Wounds

Angela, CNP

Below are graphic pictures of a nasty wound one of our customer's horses suffered after running into a fence.   Her owner was at a loss as to how to heal such a wound.  As you'll see in the first picture, stitching the wound was attempted.   Having heard how well honey heals wounds, she decided to pack the wound with Dutchman's Gold Raw Honey.   The results speak for themselves.   

Warning - the most graphic pictures are at the bottom of the page.   As you scroll down, the pictures become more and more graphic.   The original wound is rather disturbing to look at.

Day 36

Day 27

Day 21:  You'll notice the wound is still packed with Raw Honey

Day 18: As you can see, the wound is really starting to heal at this point and is closing up very nicely.

Day 13: The wound is starting to heal and close slowly.

Day 6: Packed with Raw Honey

Day 3:  The horse ran into a fence at speed, tearing her chest open.

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