Honey with a sour taste when heated

by Annerie Laurens
(Mokopane, Limpopo, South Africa)

Hi, so I recently purchased honey - and it is fresh - about a week old at most!
I ate some of the honey and it was sweet and delicious, as honey should be, but then I added it to my tea and it was just off!
Is this possible????

I noticed that there was still some wax in the honey as well, when I added it to my tea, small white wax specks where floating on top.
Is the sour taste from the wax or has the honey gone off?
I can't imagine this beeing (;D) the case though, since it really isn't old.

Is the honey still fresh for consumption? I'm to scared to use it in food, since it might do the same thing to the food - and it really isn't a nice sour taste it's like a bitter-sour taste (very hard to explain).

Thank you

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