Honey Products for Cat with Allergies?

by Vicky
(S.E. NM)

I know honey products are healthy for humans, but what about pets? I have a 2 year old cat that acquired an airborne allergy to something. He scratches his face raw. I am giving him omega 3 for an anti-inflammatory and aloe vera to heal his skin, and a homeopathic anti-scratch formula. He started healing, but after a week of improvement it has started again. I read on this site that propolis and honey are good for human allergies, so does anyone know about cats?

Angela's Comments:

Hi Vicky,
We have had some success with raw honey and propolis and bee pollen in animals. It is certainly worth a shot. I'll post your question to our followers to see if anyone has had any success with either ingredient in cats.

Bee healthy,

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