Hep C and Bee Pollen

by Karlee
(Chiang Mai Thailand)

I have Hep C and have been eating bee pollen here in Thailand, to curb my sweet tooth at night, and love it.

It occurred to me I've not looked into whether it's ok for my liver, and I have with everything else I put in my mouth.

Could you let me know if I can keep one of my favorite things in my diet?

Thank-you very much

Angela's Comments:

Hi Karlee,
While I am certainly not a doctor and can not medically advise people, I see no reason why you can't consume a food like bee pollen. There is nothing in bee pollen that I am aware of that will place stress on your liver. That being said, I would recommend you consult with a pharmacist or your Doctor to be ultra safe.

Bee healthy,

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