by CJ

Does anyone ever experience heartburn when taking bee pollen tablets? I NEVER get it and lately, I've been getting every single night. The ONLY thing different that I have been doing is taking the bee pollen. THANKS!

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Oct 22, 2016
by: Angela

We got ours at GNC I get heartburn when taking them do I keep taking them or stop? I have acid reflux already and their in a capsule also!

Jan 01, 2015
by: Wax

I've been taking been pollen (granules) for four days (one teaspoon per day) and have had heartburn for three and I never have that!! UGH. My allergies seemed better by day three though. May have to stop taking.

Mar 17, 2014
Bee Pollen
by: Brigadoon

You did not say where you purchased your bee pollen tablets. (if you got them from Bee Pollen Buzz then you know they are perfect quality) However, I speak for myself and for all of my clients - I only buy bee pollen in granual form not tablets and know the quality you are getting.

Bee pollen is a "live" food made by the bees - many companies that sale it have had it on their shelf for who knows how long and of course who knows how long it was in a warehouse or on a truck for delivery to the store. And more than likely they have no real idea what is in it.

When taking bee pollen granuals start "SLOW" and build up to the amount Angela and Mark recommend.

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