Heart Health and Bee Pollen

I was once diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, abnormal heart beat, But I had the condition corected in hospital. I am now fine, but want to know if bee pollen could trigger this condition, firstly by causing heart palpitations, then arrythmia.

I want to take the bee pollen to help me with my stress / anxiety, and to give me a little energy boost.

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Angela's Comments:

Great question. I am by no means an expert in heart health and am certainly not qualified to comment on serious heart conditions. So please don't take this as medical advice. In my experience, the only time bee pollen has caused any type of heart rhythm issue is if someone has reacted allergically to it. I have encountered this. The person took to much bee pollen to start and reacted badly. I have only encountered this once so it is not a common occurance but it is worth noting. As always, work with your Dr. when starting on any new supplement program or even better, a Naturopathic Dr.

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Aug 10, 2016
Had heart palpilations
by: Fashionowl

i had heart palpilations while i was taking polen and /or royal jelly. i stopped and they stopped. and i was only taking 1/4 teaspoon of it. crazy. beware.

Jan 14, 2014
heart palps
by: tracey

I have a condition called wpw..Wolfe parkinson white..heart palps... had an ablation years ago ..only time it came back was when i was pregnant..until i started taking bee pollen...now it comes back frequently...going back to cardiologist to see if it was the bee pollen...stopped taking it and palps stopped.

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