Healing my puppy's allergies with propolis?

by Rae
(Orlando Florida )

I have a 13 month old pitbull puppy. She's been allergic to everything since we adopted her. She was tested for mites, had the blood allergy and heavy metal test. She's allergic to almost everything. She is also allergic to fleas and flea bites. She was bitten by a flea a few months ago, we've been trying to heal it ever since. It was flaky and scary looking. I have shaven the area as to expose the area and keep it clean. This is the scariest looking problem so far but certainly not the worst my baby girl had been. She is super sweet and a trouper throughout her healing. I want to heal her so badly, I don't want to harm her with a lot of medication. She's been through so much... Steroids, antibiotics and ect. Long story short, will propolis help my love? If not can someone recommend a dermatologist that can help our girl? We live in Orlando Fl

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