Good or Bad Bee Pollen??

by Dee
(Erie, PA )

I was inpatient and could not wait for my order to come from you so I went to a local GNC store and purchased a bottle of 100% Pure - Multi Floral, Wild Crafted, Natures Most Balanced Food. Bee Pollen 1,000 mg - Amount per serving.

Is there such a thing as taking an ineffective Bee Pollen? Is this one ok to take until I get mine from you? I just don't want to take something if its not going to do anything.

Thanks so much!!

Hello Dee,
Yes, there is such a thing as low quality bee pollen that won't possess much in the way of nutrition but GNC tends to make good products and as one of the biggest retailers of supplements in the world, they have quality control measures in place. So I would say it is ok to take.

Bee healthy,

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