GMO's and Pesticides

by Jane
(Calgary, Canada)

Is your raw honey from a non - GMO source and a non - pesticide source? I have seen this advertised elsewhere. How much does a GMO source affect the honey and how much does pesticide spraying of where the bees collect pollen affect the honey? Thanks.

Angela's comments:

Hi Jane,
Bee's travel over hundreds of kilometers and visit countless plants in their quest for pollen. To control all of this land is difficult to say the least. Dutchman's Gold has 2000 hives and would need to control thousands of acres of land in order to prevent their bee's from visiting any land that contains GMO's or fields that have been sprayed. So it is unrealistic for most beekeepers to make these claims. The other issue is that pesticides can travel by water and wind as can GMO's. So to make the claim that one's honey is GMO and pesticide free is a bit misleading.

As to how much GMO plants effect the honey, this is largely unknown.

Insecticides can turn up in bee pollen so obtaining a quality source is important. Unfortunately, the world is at a point where pollution has reached every corner of the globe and to entirely escape these chemicals is difficult to say the least.

Hope that helps,

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