Glass Jars Royal Jelly

by Jill
(Northern Michigan)


I am a massage therapist and just had a customer who uses Royal Jelly on her face. She said that is the only thing she has used on her face for 20+ years. Her skin was beautiful and she looked about 10 years younger then she was. I want to try your royal jelly product but was wondering about something I heard when you ship things in glass. I heard that they are x-rayed to check for breakage or glass shards? Have you heard of this? I was wondering it this would change the royal jelly and kill it's goodness. I have seen royal jelly shipped in plastic bags. What are your thoughts on this? Thank,


Hi Jill,
Great question. I have not heard this about glass shipments. I do know that some couriers do x-ray their shipments when they cross the border to look for illegal objects hidden within the packages. In my opinion, this would not kill the royal jelly's vitality. It may kill some of the royal jelly's enzymes but certainly not all of them. I would suspect that the amount of radiation used in the x-ray would be similiar to that you'd absorb when getting x-rayed at a hospital or at the dentist. This is a minimal amount. Repeated exposures would not be recommended but a single exposure would not destroy the product in my opinion.

Hope that helps!

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