giving herb pharm honey bee propolis to a 8lb cat

by Donna smith
(malden, ma 02148)

I have a 12 yr. old cat many generations ferral. So she was a in/out cat until Sunday night when a stray came on her territory. I was to late to rescue and she got scratched ; I think under her top left eyelid. I've had many cats but you cannot handle her. She bites, scratches, etc... Very slowly she let me put a hot compress for 5 seconds. She's eating, urinating. How many drops would I put in he wet cat food. Serving size is 0.7ml. Approximately 71 mg of herb of honeybee-harvested propolis.

Angela's comments:

Hi Donna,
Assuming she is an average sized cat, give her 2 - 3 drops twice daily. Start her on one drop a day until you determine that she tolerates the propolis well. Increase from there.

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