Expired pollen

I took two capsules of bee pollen today at around 11am. At 4pm when I was in the pool teaching kids how to swim, I suddenly got blocked nose, and dry cough. I usually do not get sick and even if I do it's because of season change. Now I'm lying in bed finding hard to breathe and blocked nose and looked at the expiry date of the bee pollen which was dec 2010. Can bacteria grow in those capsules after a long period of time?

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Its unlikely that bacteria would grow inside the capsule but not improbable depending on the cleanliness of the company that encapsulated the bee pollen. Its more likely that you're having a minor reaction to the pollens. Have you taken this pollen before?


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Mar 28, 2012
Pollen allergic reaction
by: Adnan

Yes i have taken that before i was taking three a day, and never had any reaction. I guess i had an allergic reaction as i was finding it hard to breathe coughing and blocked nose and face was swelling slightly with red eyes. Also it was expired so im guessing the substance must have changed slightly over the expired period. But thanks anyway i was kinda worried.

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