Dutchman's Gold bee pollen availability in B.C?

by Michelle
(Abbotsford, BC)

Just curious if DUTCHMAN'S GOLD is sold in stores in CANADA? BC particularly...or any other trustable source of RAW BEE POLLEN...the s&h is more than the cost of the product so i dont want to order it online and other online stores have product that looks cheap and i dont want to search day & night and end up with a DUD for a product :)


Dutchman's Gold bee pollen is not currently sold in British Columbia. Retail stores are able to buy it from our distributor out West but you'd have to ask your local health food store to contact SunOpta (the distributor) and order it in for you, if they will! ;)

I understand the issue with shipping. I can offer you a $3.00 Off coupon to help with the S&H. Enter promo4 into the coupon box upon checkout.

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