Dry skin and propolis

I have very dry skin and have been using your moisturizers but wondered if raw propolis might be of some help as well. I also heard that it can help with age spots. Is this true and if so do you run the raw chunks on the spots? Thanks, love your your products!

Angela's comments:

Thank you for your nice comments. As for using raw chunks of propolis on your skin - this would be very difficult, if not impossible. Raw chunks of propolis are very, very hard and won't simply dissolve or absorb into the skin. Propolis tinctures on the other hand, will absorb into the skin. I have used propolis tincture on my skin several times.

We do have two skin products with propolis in them - the So Ho Mish cream and the Propolis Healing Salve. I would recommend using either of these products. You could even add extra propolis by way of a drop or two of tincture into them before applying to the skin.

Hope that helps!

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