Dried-freeze or Lyophilized Royal Jelly

by Ying Lam
(Washington, DC)

Do all the products from your website come from your farm? Does the RJ from your site collected and freshly frozen from your farm? Or do you get them from other Bee keepers or suppliers? You mentioned North America, of course.

I also read about dried-freeze or lyophilized RJ is done by a different process than the powder that is processed by heat. It is much more potent and stable than the fresh RJ. It is in most sites advertized as a much better form than the fresh RJ. I honestly don't know who to listen to? Any comment on that?

Angela's Response:

Hi Ying,
No, our royal jelly does not come from our farm as we simply can't produce enough with our 1500 hives to meet demand. We get it from a very reputable North American supplier. You are correct, freeze dried royal jelly is best. Avoid any product that is dried using heat. And you are correct in the freeze dried royal jelly is more stable than fresh royal jelly as it has had all of the moisture removed. Fresh royal jelly must be kept cold/frozen at all times whereas powdered royal jelly doesn't.

Hope that helps! Bee healthy ~ Angela

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