Does taking bee pollen and royal jelly flush medicine from body?

by Breezy Ann
(Palm Bay, Florida ,United States)

I began to take bee pollen and royal jelly while on bipolar medication and manic medication my doctor told me to stop taking it because it was flushing all of the medicine that they had in my system that was supposed to be building up. I no longer take that medicine but I do take pain medication daily. it is not long-acting and does not need to build up in my system. Will taking the royal jelly and bee pollen now affect the pain management medication I am currently taking? And how quickly does it truly detoxify your body? That is a wonderful thing. I also have liver damage so would love to continue taking it to help heal my liver?

Angela's comments:

There is no evidence that bee pollen or royal jelly 'flushes' any medication from the body. In fact, I'm not sure how this is even possible since neither bee pollen nor royal jelly are diuretics or laxatives.

As for your liver, I would suggest your read this article on how bee products have been shown to potentially heal damaged liver.

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