Does local bee pollen lose its effectiveness at some point? When is bee pollen old?

by Janne
(Mesa, AZ)

I have had a jar of local bee pollen in my refrigerator for a few years. This year my allergies have kicked up something horrible so I started to take it again and it doesn't seem to be working? Does it lose its effectiveness, active compounds, over time? How much time?

Angela's comments:

If the bee pollen has not been dried, then yes, it will lose its potency and freshness quickly. If it has been dried then it will maintain its potency longer in storage.

With regards to the bee pollen seemingly not working for your allergies, you must remember that bee pollen does not work like a drug. Best results are obtained when it is taken before allergy season so that your immune system can build up tolerance to the pollens. I would suggest continuing with the pollen and giving it several more weeks. I would also recommend you begin taking bee pollen much earlier next year or don't stop taking it at all so that your immune system continues to adapt.

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