Does Bee Pollen contain Gluten?

Hey there! I'd like to buy some bee polllen, but I'm also sensitive to gluten. Is it possible that the bees could harvest the pollen from a wheat-type plant, and end up with gluten particles in the granules?

Thanks in advance!

Angela's Comments:

I suppose it is possible that bees could harvest pollen from the wheat plant, but the amount of gluten within the bee pollen would be extremely small. We have not had one instance where a celiac or gluten sensitive person could NOT take bee pollen due to this issue.

As always, start out with only a couple of granules at a time to determine tolerance and increase from there if tolerated well.

Bee healthy,

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Jan 30, 2016
Celiac Disease and Bee Pollen
by: Anonymous

The acceptable limit of gluten for a Celiac patient is less than 20 parts per million (PPM), so unless you can guarantee that you should NOT be telling people it is safe to eat bee pollen.

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