Different Types of Royal Jelly?

by Peggy

Hello Angela!

I have yet to try Royal Jelly before but after going through your website, I'm quite interested in trying one. However, I'm confused with the types of Royal Jelly available in the market.

May I know are all the freeze-dried capsules type of RJ in powdered form?

I have seen RJ sold in pharmacies in capsules but it looks like gel / thick liquid in the capsules. Are those considered freeze-dried as well? Are these type of capsules usually low in HDA%?

I have also seen Dutchman's Gold RJ which comes in 50 caps in 1 bottle, but it was not found in your website. Are they genuinely produced from the same manufacturer?



Hi Peggy,
No, not all Royal Jelly capsules are in freeze dried form. The gel that you are seeing in the capsules is actually fresh royal jelly. (it is not dried) Fresh royal jelly is usually lower in 10-HDA than a freeze dried powder as the drying process concentrates the royal jelly which yields a higher amount of 10-HDA.

The 50 caps Dutchman's Gold royal jelly is no longer made. We now only make a 90 cap bottle.

Bee healthy,

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