Delivery and quality of products

Hi Angela,

I just spoke with "Mark" yesterday but wanted to follow up and again let you know that I am truly amazed at how quickly my order was delivered. Frankly, considering the distance and the fact that we're talking another country (USA),I was very pleasantly surprised when my package showed up in the mailbox, safe and secure with no damage whatsoever. And all three products were in great shape!
Also, your pollen has the best "smell" of any I have ever tried and I plan to start slowly as you suggest.
Believe me, you have a new customer for life!!

Many thanks.

Dan Sakraida

PS In case you're wondering, I live in Southern Oregon which is "sandwiched" between California and Washington State, a mere 2 hrs or so from the Pacific Ocean.

Angela's Comments:

Hi Dan,
Thank you so much for calling and writing! It makes my day to hear that you're happy with our service and products! I truly hope that our products bring you joy and good health!


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