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I'm a man, 22 years old. I had acné marks on my cheeks. I went to the internet and I found most people says lemon treats Acne marks. I put lemon mixed with garlic in my skin and I went outside. It was a sunny day and I got chemical burn. I stressed a lot. After 1-2 months the burn has healed but it left a brown visible mark. I keep applying lemon. The mark has removed a bit but is still visible. I bought glycolic acid 12% and applied for 4-5 time (left on skin 30mn). After last application, my skin got really damaged and formed small scab/brown patch/burn marks and extreme dryness. I have since stopped using the produce.
Its been 2 years now and my marks and dry skin have not faded away. My skin is still damaged and i formed a brown patch caused by scabs.
I dont know if they are permanent or they will fade over time, as i said its been 2 years since i stopped using lemon and glycolic acid.
I wash my face twice per day (one night-one night).

Please help me to treat my skin.

Angela's Comments:

Very sorry to hear about your skin trouble. I'm quite certain we can help you. I would recommend using our So Ho Mish cream twice daily along with the GLA Skin Oil. Take 2 tsp daily orally and also apply the oil topically once daily.


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