Crunchy bee pollen versus soft, chewy?

just started taking bee pollen last week. love it. ate the whole jar i bought from australia in a week. and it was crunchy. then i was reading online that if i wanted allergy benefits to buy local. so i bought california bee pollen at whole foods. its mushy and not as sweet. is it supposed to be crunchy or mushy. not sure what it is supposed to be since i never had it before. thanks so much, jillian glass

Hi Jillian,
It sounds like the California bee pollen you bought is a fresh bee pollen that has not been dried to the extent the australian bee pollen has. This is a good thing - it is likely fresher and has more vitality than the crunchy, dried pollen.
When bee pollen comes out of the hive fresh, it is actually quite soft and chewy.

Hope that helps,

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