Consuming expired royal jelly

I have a jar of expired royal jelly in honey- 675 mg in honey.As there was no mold in the jar,I ate this. Questions :-

i) What can be the side effects?
ii)What harm can be caused by eating expired Royal jelly?
iii)Does Royal jelly ever has expiry date?
iv)Can expired Royal jelly be freshened?

Angela's Comments:

It is unlikely that any harm would be done by eating expired royal jelly beyond some gastrointestinal distress. How severe this would be is difficult to say. And no, royal jelly can not be freshened.

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Sep 01, 2015
Expired royal jelly
by: Anonymous

I just found a bottle of Royal jelly that expired in 2012!! Is it useful for anything? Such a huge waste if O have to just throw them out :(

Angela's comments:

At 3 years past expiry, it would not be recommended to consume it or use it in any way.

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