Color of Bee Pollen

by Bernie
(Darrington Washington, USA)

I purchased bee pollen from a local health food store. However, it is mostly green with yellow. This is supposed to be a local bee pollen. (west coast in Seattle Area)

On your site and others it states that bee pollen is yellow?

Have I been had?

Angela's Response:

Great question. Probably not. We often get variances in pollen color based on season and the local plants in the area. Most pollens are yellow and orange in color but not all. I personally have never seen a predominantly green pollen before but it is possible. Perhaps contact the company and question them about it. They may know, if it is indeed local, the predominant vegetation in the area that is causing the green pollen.

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Jun 16, 2013
Bee Pollen color
by: James Martinson

I've been collecting pollen for two years from my bees. The color of the pollen depends on the plants that are in bloom when the bees are harvesting. Pollen can go from bright orange to grey or brown in a week. The colors of pollen that bees bring in can change daily. Early spring pollen can contain Maple tree pollen that tends to be a bit bitter. Orange pollen from flowers seems a bit sweeter. Some pollen has more of a hay flavor. Pollen from fireweed is crystal clear and looks like grains of sugar.

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