Collagen plus for nails and gums

by Alla L
(Toronto, Canada)

Hello.I am just curious what is the best product to support receding gums and skin, I am over 50, but have no deep wrinkles, though my nails are brittle and splitting a lot. I have read about Collagen plus from LornaV. and BioSiL.

Now I need some clarification: which product would be the best in my case (gums and nails).

P.S. Do you recommend GLA oil as well and how to take it?

Thank you, Alla, Toronto

Hi Alla,
For gums and nails, yes, Collagen Plus would be best. You could certainly use GLA Oil with Collagen Plus but this would be more for skin health. I don't know that it would help with your gums and nails.

You might also consider bee pollen for your nails and propolis for your gums.

Bee healthy,

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