Coffee & Royal Jelly?

by Julie

Hello - I have just started taking raw royal jelly (for the 1st tim this morning). I read not to mix it in tea as the heating can lessen the beneficial properties. Also read somewhere about waiting 20 minutes before drinking anything hot? Is this true? Can I not drink my coffee after taking this in the AM? (I don't have 20 mins to wait!) We're not talking boiling hot coffee, more like a warm to cooling off quickly! I will switch to taking it afterward if so; today was my 1st time so took a bit less than recommended and wanted to give it a chance to "digest" before heading off to the office! Thx!

Hi Julie,
Warm coffee will be completely fine. You really just want to avoid boiling hot liquids so that the heat doesn't damage the royal jelly.

Bee healthy,

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