Capsules vs. Granules

by Denise

Are the bee pollen capsules as effective as the granules? I have been taking another brand of the capsules for less than 1 week, and I have no problems, or side effects. I just want to know if I am getting the same benefits that I would get if I was using the granules.

Angela's Comments:

Hi Denise. For the most part, yes. Many companies simply put granules right into their capsules so you are actually taking granules.

Or, you'll be taking a ground up bee pollen powder that has been encapsulated. In this case some processing has gone on so it would be important that proper care of the powder was carried out and also that excessive heat wasn't used during the process. There is no way to know this unless you contact the company who made the capsules you are taking. Heat can destroy vitamins and other delicate compounds found in bee pollen.

Hope that helps,

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