Can I Mix Bee Pollen in Hot Oatmeal?

by Noriko Higginbotham

I was wondering can I eat bee pollen with hot oat meal? Or is it better to eat it fresh and not heat it at all?

Angela's Response:

Absolutely you can mix bee pollen into your hot oatmeal. Just cook the oatmeal first and then add the bee pollen and mix in after cooking. Don't cook the oatmeal with the bee pollen in it.

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Mar 29, 2011
Hot oatmeal?
by: Katarina

I thought that the heat would kill the benefits, so then,can I add the granules to my hot lemon water in the morning?

Angela's Comments:

The heat can damage the bee pollen but if you let the water cool a bit (preferably below 118 degrees) then you dramatically reduce the damage that is done and the bee pollen will still be considered raw.

Feb 09, 2011
by: Steven V

Has anyone with psoriasis experienced an improvement with the use of Bee Pollen?

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