Buzzn Bee Pollen

by Jran

I just purchased bee pollen from buzzn bee by

David Rukin. location west palm beach Florida.
This is my first time. Are they ok? Purchased it at wholefood market. I took one granule like you say to make sure of side effects. if none should i increase granule to 1/4 teaspoon or use 10 granules per day for a week? I am eager to hear from you and excited about my discovering of bee pollen. Thx

Hi Jran,
I am not familiar with that brand that you've purchased unfortunately. What I suggest is calling the company and asking them where they source their pollen from and how it is handled upon collection. You want to make sure it is freeze dried. Yes, continue to increase the number of granules you take each day over the next couple of weeks. Increase slowly until you get up to a full teaspoon, always observing to ensure you don't have an allergy to the pollens.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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