Benadryl and Pollen?

by Cat
(Santa Barbara)

so I found a local bee farm and bought some pure bee pollen granules. Thanks for the tip about keeping it in the freezer!

I have really bad allergies, I have to take benadryl 2x daily. Do I take both at the same time? Will the benadryl conteract the good stuff of the bee pollen?

Hi Cat,
No, it won't counteract the bee pollen. We have many customers who have to use medications and it is generally very safe to use together. As always, I recommend letting your doctor or pharmacist know that you are using the two together just to be safe. And if you feel off or you have a reaction, then obviously stop with the bee pollen. My husband has had to use allergy meds off and on and he's successfully mixed the two (Aerius) for years. Hope that helps!


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