Bee Venom or Bee product creme for Psoriasis?

by Raphael
(Newark, DE, U.S)


Recently, I discovered that I had Psoriasis. In the time of a month or two, my skin went from completely normal to now being covered with itchy, dry, red, irritated spots that form scales/flakes. I was wondering about using bee venom on them considering its anti-inflammatory properties. Would this be a good idea? I was also considering one of the cremes. Which would be better? The So-Ho-Mish creme or the Bees Wax creme? Thank you.

Angela's Comments:

I would suggest using the So Ho Mish Miracle Cream. I have received very good feedback for it for Psoriasis over the years. I find it works even better if you use an internal oil with it called Borage Oil. I now carry a borage oil in our web store. It is called GLA Skin oil and the combination of the two should help heal you skin quite quickly. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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