Bee venom ointment for immune system?

by Lina
(London, UK)

Hi Angela

I read your story and its quite inspiring.
From what I read, I gathered that Bee pollen is quite effective in fighting bacteria and strengthening the immune system. I have just been diagnosed with very light HPV virus.

I have done lots of research and I know that I need to work on stabilizing a healthy life and fight the HPV virus with buildiing up a good immune system. I have already eradicated the 2 warts I had using Garlic.

I am also going to start taking bee pollen on daily basis.

My question is about the Bee venom: is Bee venom ointment good for this type of disease? can it be applied to the skin and help in suppressing or killing the virus?

I searched online for information on this regard but to no avail.

Any advice you could share, is really appreciated


Angela's Response:

Hi Lina,
Glad to hear that you're having success in treating your HPV! I would also suggest using bee propolis daily and perhaps even royal jelly as both have anti-viral properties. I have not heard of bee venom being used for HPV. Most of the research on it has been done on conditions such as arthritis and MS. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. I had a look around but couldn't find any research or feedback regarding the venom being used in the manner you've suggested. Not to say that it wouldn't be effective, its just that I have no experience or knowledge of it being used in such a manner successfully. Like I said earlier, bee propolis and royal jelly would likely provide you with a better immune modulator, along with bee pollen of course.

Bee Healthy ~ Angela

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